Our First Days

On Wednesday evening Sarah and I finally arrived in Minden and Marta joined us at the night. After a few beautiful days spent in Taizé, we finally got to meet Wiebke, Simone, Julian, Sister Angela Marie, Sister Anette and many more people involved with the association during a gorgeous welcome dinner yesterday.

Simone showed us a bit around the city – all of us agreed it’s a truly beautiful and captivating city. Today we worked for the first time at the Wärmestube, the place we’re going to help at- it’s a soup kitchen Sister Anette is working at –  to get to know the people working and eating there.

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The house we’re staying at is great. Everything is new and there are still some things under construction (with which, as a side note, we are helping with as well), but the house already looks amazing. Behind the house, there’s a protestant church and a catholic church in which we’re going to hold our prayers.

Tonight they hosted a board game evening which we attended as well. DIffernt people from the neighborhood joined and it was a lot of fun playing all various kinds of board games and getting to know the people living in Minden better.


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