On Sunday we went to a Protestant prayer with Wiebke and Julian. It felt like the complete opposite of a Taizé prayer. There were chairs instead of benches and the songs were really joyful and cheerful. They even offered a translation to English and Persian which Marta joined. For us, it was a really different experience for a service since we all are Catholic and haven’t joined many Protestant prayers before but nevertheless, we enjoyed it. Also, they were trying to make the prayer as open, modern, understanding und inviting for everyone and we think that’s a really nice initiative. During service, there was a child being baptised as well which was something really special and moving.


Monday morning we moved back to the hostel. Even though we were excited to be back and have our own place again we were a bit sad to leave the sisters. It was a lot of fun living together with them for a few days and we had such nice and beautiful talks with them. In addition, Sarah and I seized the opportunity to help them a bit. Sarah gardened and I fixed their internet and telephone issues. Later on during the day Marta, Sarah and I took a bike trip to the Großer Weserbogen. Marta and I are slowly getting the hang on how to handle the tandem.



Yesterday evening Sarah made tarte flambée and we invited some people over.

Today there was a gathering of pastors and others who are actively very engaged in the Protestant parishes in Minden in the Simeon’s church. We were invited as well and sang some Taizé songs together. It was really beautiful because most people knew the songs and the church was filled with the sound and harmonies. Afterwards, there was breakfast in the church and the association Weitere Wege (who had the idea of starting a provisional community in Minden) presented their current project of the Simeonsherberge in which Sarah, Marta and I are living.

This afternoon I went the school again and it’s a lot of fun working with the kids. We played some games and I helped two boys with their German homework. Even though it’s not always easy it is actually very enriching to spend time with them because they are very gracious – in their own ways.img_3540

In the past few days, there were quite a few people who decided to join our daily prayers and we are very happy to inspire others to find some peace and rest within their day and discover something new within their city.


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