Minden – Some History

On Friday we had a tour around one of the churches and we learned some of the historical background of the reformation here in Minden.
It was the first city that turned Protestant in Westfalica and therefore was an important example for the churches following it.

Also the World Wars played an important role for the city – especially on an emotional level. A lot of soldiers died in both world wars and in 1945 it was the target of a bomb attack. In the St. Martini church’s entrance there’s a book in with the names of the soldiers who died or went missing during the wars. Each day the pages are turned to the current date and you see the names of the fallen soldiers of that day. Also after WWII the citizens decided to carve the names of the soldiers into the columns within the church.

With that knowledge in the back of my mind I decided to visit a historical reenactment of the prayer that was held 400 years ago in Dresden. It was the lasted for three days and was accompanied by a lot of music. Ronald Wilson now recreated this music out of fragments and notes left from back then and it was performed by a choir and an orchestra – which was using historic instruments – during that prayer.



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